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Canon EOS 7D Camera


The Canon 7D is an APS-C (crop sensor) camera providing 18 megapixels shooting at 8 frames-per-second, making it an excellent sports and action camera. It has an enhanced all cross-type 19-point autofocus system claimed to provide more accurate AI Servo AF subject tracking, a 63-zone metering system that considers focus and color data when establishing exposure times, and is moisture sealed. It’s also the first Canon camera to have integrated wireless control of off-camera flashes.

The camera’s movie mode allows manual control over shutter speed and aperture. It will shoot full HD Video at 1920×1080 resolution at 30p (29.97), 24p (23.976) or 25p, for up to 4GB per clip. Movies are saved as .mov files and can be directly viewed in Full HD with HDMI output. Note that HD movie recording requires fast CF cards.

Roger's Take

My take? This is different. The 30/40/50D were steady, progressive improvements. This is NOT a 60D; it’s a different camera with different capabilities compared to the 50D. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but still a very good camera, especially for sports and action shooting.

My 7D Autofocus relationship has become a love-hate relationship over the years, progressing to mostly hate as better AF systems have come out. One thing I would suggest for those shooting moving subjects and using Servo mode: try changing C.F. III-1 to minus 1 and C.F. III-3 to 1 in the custom menus. This seems to help keep the camera on-subject a bit better.

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