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Ambient ACL 204 Lockit Sync Box

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The Ambient ACL 204 Lockit Sync Box

The Ambient ACL 204 Lockit Sync Box is a timecode generator and portable synchronizer for cinema cameras. Key features include:

Portable Timecode Synchronizer._ Timecode. On a film set, timecode is kind of like the force in Star Wars- it surrounds us and binds us. It’s in the camera, it’s in the audio recorder… it’s in multiple cameras if you have them. And the Lockit Sync Box is kind of like Luke at the end of Jedi – it brings balance to the force… or in this case synchronization to the timecode.

Crystal Sync and Industry Standards.__ When you hear the phrase Crystal Oscillator, you may be transported back to that space-sci-fi-fantasy metaphor from earlier, but in terms of sound recording it is simply the industry standard for maintaining sync between picture and sound. The Lockit system boasts an incredible 0.5 frame slip over a 24 hour period. Moreover, this little blue box offers support for all sync and genlock formats and timecode rates, as well as offset to compensate for processing delay.

Smart and Tough Design. The entire unit is powered by two AA batteries, features a rugged, robust housing, and an OLED display for quick changes.

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