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DJI Mavic Pro

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The DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a compact yet powerful quadrotor drone with an integrated, gimbal-stabilized 4K camera. Key features include:

3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized 4K Camera. The DJI Mavic Pro is a lightweight quadcopter that can shoot video in DCI 4K (4096 × 2160) or UHD 4K (3840 × 2160) at up to 30 frames per second. While shooting in 1080p, the drone has the capability of extending that up to 96 frames per second. A photo mode offers the choice of DNG raw or jpeg images, and the sharpness of the camera’s photo and video capture is maximized by DJI’s super-smooth, fully integrated 3-axis gimbal.

40 Mph Sport Mode & 22 Mph Collision Avoidance Mode. The Mavic, in its standard collision avoidance modes, tops out at a brisk 22 mph. This feature provides the benefit of steering away from obstacles that it can spot with its front camera. While helpful, it’s pretty basic and won’t save you from backing into, dropping into, or side-swiping trees or people. If you’re comfortable disabling that feature, sport mode will unleash the full capabilities of the Mavic’s quadrotor system at speeds up to 40 mph.

27 Minute Maximum Flight Time. DJI reports that in lab tests with ideal conditions (Read: not the places you’ll likely be using it) the drone has a 27 minute flight time. A more realistic average is probably around 20 minutes.

Drone Control From 4 Miles Line-Of-Sight. The Mavic’s twin stick controller works in tandem with the DJI Go app to allow control at distances of around 4 miles line-of-sight. Video can be monitored at 1080p or 720p dependent upon signal strength, and the “OcuSync” system auto-detects the best frequency to make it happen. Once again, DJI reports this distance as ideal line-of-sight conditions. Your literal mileage may vary.

Subject Tracking Modes. The gimbal offers multiple options for locking onto and easily tracking subjects like people, vehicles, and pets. The gesture mode allows for hands free selfie snaps, and tripod mode limits speed to 2.2 mph for smoother and more precise movements. Landing is simplified to a button press, returning the drone to the location where it took off from, and lowering itself delicately onto the ground.

Mavic Support And Resources. Click HERE to be swept away to DJI’s support site for the Mavic Pro drone.

Erik's Take

On my fourth flight, at somewhere around 74 flight minutes logged, I crashed the Mavic Pro into a tree, and got it stuck 40ft above the ground.

It’s easy to get too comfortable flying the Mavic Pro. It’s also careless to assume that the bevy of special modes and “anti crash” features will prevent you from catastrophic failure. The Mavic Pro is not a toy.

The Mavic Pro is an incredibly straight forward, and fairly intuitive flying machine. The 4K footage is crisp and compelling (although I feel the file compression doesn’t hold the fine detail well, at top speeds). The camera gimbal is adept at compensating for pilot adjustments, keeping the footage nice and smooth. The controls are responsive, and the quad copter is capable of stopping on a dime (Which is handy when you think you’ve lost control of the drone: It’s simple. Just let go of the controls, breath, and take the time to reorient yourself).

Of all the trademarked features the Mavic Pro offers, the ActiveTrack™ mode is by far the most impressive. Once ActiveTrack™is actuated, the pilot simply selects a subject or area, and the Mavic tracks and follows automatically. The pilot can make adjustments to the distance and angle of the drone, and the subject will stay framed the entire time. In our testing we found this feature worked well for people, and real estate, however, ActiveTrack™ had difficulty locking onto a fast moving Belgium Malinois.

A first time, or novice pilot should expect to get the drone in the air, and perform fairly simple maneuvers in “Beginner Mode” by the conclusion of a weekend rental. Unless you have previous experience flying a drone, don’t anticipate pulling off any high concept, visually daring shots, with out logging many many hours of practice. Remember to investigate your no fly zones while planning your shoot, and make sure you’re up to date on the latest legal information regarding drone piloting. The drone pilot is responsible for the care of the equipment, as well as the safety of the people around the drone.

Which brings me back to the Mavic in the tree. Fortunately, the tree was in my yard, and with the help of a friendly neighbor, a 20ft ladder, a pole saw with a hook on the end, and a fair amount of personal risk, I was able to retrieve it. I was lucky, and more importantly I was humbled. Still, I can’t wait to take the Mavic out for another flight!

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