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DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro

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The DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro

The DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro is a kit that includes cages and compatible propellers designed to protect from hazards that would usually cause damage to the propellers and/or drone. Key features include:

Increased protection from propeller damage

Slightly less hazardous close-quarters flying

Four lightweight, protective propeller cages

Three pairs of cage-compatible 7728 quick-release propellers

Designed for Mavic Pro. This propeller cage product is only compatible with the DJI Mavic Pro. It will not work with any other type of drone.

Protection From Objects That Would Damage Propellers. The DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro is a kit that includes cages and compatible propellers designed to protect your drone from tree limbs, flying critters, human soft tissue, and other hazards that would see your craft crash into the ground or at least cause propeller damage. This package includes four propeller cages and three pairs of compatible 7728 propellers. These propellers are different from the standard 8330 propellers that come with the Mavic quadcopter and should only be used in conjunction with the cages.

Slightly Less Hazardous Close Quarters Flying. Enclosing the propellers in a cage removes some but most certainly not all risk of flying the drone in close quarters, whether that be in dense foliage or indoor areas. Objects can still penetrate the cage and cause damage to the propellers, the drone, or whatever it crash lands into.

Drone Performance. Although lightweight, the cages do add weight and encumber airflow. This, in turn, accelerates battery usage. Expect a shortened flight time of around 10 minutes. Also, take into consideration that propeller noise increases substantially when cages are installed.

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