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Einstein E640 Studio Flash Unit

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The Einstein E640 Studio Flash Unit

The Einstein E640 is Paul C. Buff’s top-of-the-line monolight strobe. The unit features all-digital controlling from a 2.4" high resolution LCD display. Gone are the days of the slider-bar. Controls are now adjustable in precise 1/10 f-stops through dedicated function and adjust buttons. The Einstein offers a very welcomed 9 f-stop power variability that allows light adjustment from 640 w/s all the way down to 2.5 w/s. It has a quick recycle time of 1.7 seconds at full power, and dramatically increases recycle as power decreases.

There are two operation modes that allow you to control what’s most important based on what you’re shooting. In Action Mode, the flash duration is minimized for maximum action stopping capability where absolute color consistency is secondary to motion freezing. In Constant Color Mode the emitted color temperature is held constant at 5600ºK (+/- 50ºK at any power setting or input voltage) and the flash duration fluctuates.

The frosted dome cover reduces UV emissions while protecting the bright, voltage-controlled 150 Watt modeling lamp and UV-coated, single ring flash tube. The strobe features both audible and visual recycle indicator alert options for shooting away from the unit. The built-in fan allows for cooling the unit during heavy use. It has a standard 1/8" sync-port and is fully compatible with all our AlienBee modifier accessories.

Corey's Take

I have been a fan of all things Paul C. Buff since I moved from using hot shoe flashes off-camera for portrait work, to more professional studio flashes. The AlienBees units are an affordable, easy to use lighting solution that are great for small studios and on-location work. The Einstein E640 unit however provides a few features that the AlienBee does not. Most notably is the bright, easy to read LCD on the back of the strobe that allows you to view and adjust all of the settings of the unit. The Einstein also has two modes of operation – color and action mode.

Using multiple AlienBees on a shoot can provide inconsistent, noticeable colorcast differences per strobe depending on power levels. The Einstein E640’s constant color mode is a must when working with multiple lights when you want them all firing with consistent 5600ºK color temperature, especially when you have each unit working at a different power level. The alternative to color mode, is action mode that foregoes color consistency for a shorter flash duration and quick recycle rate to stop action for more dynamic shots. This is great when working with fluids for product shots or a model performing a quick motion.

While the Einstein unit will work via the included sync cord or a PocketWizard unit. The Einstein E640 unit coupled with the CSXCV receiver module allows you to control multiple Einstein units while using the Cyber Commander – all from the camera. This allows the user to focus on shooting and composition instead of running between strobe heads adjusting power levels.

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