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Sigma MC-21 Canon EF Lens to L-mount Adapter

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The Sigma MC-21 Canon EF Lens to L-mount Adapter

The Sigma MC-21 Canon EF Lens to L-mount Adapter allows you to use Sigma EF mount lenses on DC-S1, DC-S1H, and DC-S1R camera bodies. Key features include:

No Leica Camera Support. Let’s get it out of the way. No, this adapter won’t work with Leica cameras. Yes, we know that’s not what was originally said and many sites still list. Yes, we know it’s super-shady; that’s why we are telling you in every section of our product page. No, it really really won’t work. Putting this adapter on any Leica L-mount camera causes a warning message to pop-up that cannot be bypassed.

Sigma EF Lens To L-Mount Camera. This adapter allows you to mount Sigma EF mount lenses to the Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 DC-S1H, DC-S1R, and Sigma fp cameras, on which it offers full-frame coverage.

Electronic Communication. It gives full control of aperture when shooting in A and M exposure modes, or lets the camera control aperture if shooting in P or S exposure modes. Not only do you have aperture control, but it’s also embedded in the EXIF data. The Sigma adapter also supports the Image Stabilization function of compatible lenses, allowing you to shoot at slower shutter speeds and help eliminate camera shake. However, do note that in-lens Optical Stabilization cannot be used in conjunction with in-body sensor stabilization.

Powered by the Camera Body. This adapter doesn’t require any additional power source. On top of that, the adapter’s built-in LED immediately tells you whether or not the mounted lens is compatible.

Built-In Autofocus. This adapter gives you fast, accurate autofocus in AF-S mode. Please note that autofocus is not compatible with AF-C mode, that you can’t use continuous autofocus when shooting video, and that you can’t use Touch autofocus with this adapter.

Limited Compatibility. The MC-21 Adapter only officially supports a select number of Sigma’s Global Vision line of lenses.

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