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Sony 16GB Mirroring Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo PX

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The Sony 16GB Mirroring Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo PX

The Sony 16GB Mirroring Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo PX features a mirroring function that splits the recordable space into 2 sections, allowing for simultaneous capture to both areas. This redundant writing ensures that if one area is damaged, you will have a backup and will not lose any data. In this mode, which is the default, you will be able to use half of the card's 16GB capacity, as the other half will be used for mirroring.

To enable you to switch to a different recording mode, a free software package called Memory Media Utility is downloadable from Sony's website. Available alternatives to Mirroring mode are Standard and High-Speed modes. Standard mode switches off redundant recording to allow you to use the card's full capacity, while High-Speed mode keeps the redundancy but doubles write speed. The Memory Media Utility software also enables you to back up content to three locations simultaneously, register and log cards in a library, view the rewriting life and remaining record time of cards, and format or multi-format one or more cards using the FAT32 or UDF file system.

A full formatting function on the card enables fast deletion of all content for easy reformatting and reuse, while a secure access function helps reduce the risk of unauthorized use. You also have the benefit of Memory Card File Rescue, which recovers important content--including AVCHD movies and 3D movies and images--that has been accidentally deleted. The Replacement Notice feature informs you when the card is nearing its overwrite limit.

Wear Leveling distributes recorded content evenly, using all flash memory cells equally to reduce wear caused by repeated overwrite cycles--thereby increasing the life of the card. Mirroring mode reduces the data error ratio to less than 1/10,000. ECC automatically corrects errors, while Data Refresh prevents subsequent errors by relocating data for safe keeping, then flagging areas as damaged to prevent further recording to them. The card is waterproof, dustproof and protected against static.

A memo area on the card allows you to write in a date, name or event, while an included media case helps protect the card when it's not in use and allows you to attach a chain or lanyard. The back side of the card is gray for improved visibility when inserting or removing the card in dark environments.

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