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Westcott Rapid Box Switch 24-inch Beauty Dish for Profoto

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The Westcott Rapid Box Switch 24-inch Beauty Dish for Profoto

The Westcott Rapid Box Switch 24-inch Beauty Dish for Profoto is an optional add-on light modifier for Profoto B1 and B1X monolights, and B2 kits. Key features include:

Quick-Release Locking Mechanism. The “Switch” in the Westcott Rapid Box Switch 24-inch Beauty Dish’s name refers to its quick-release locking mechanism that lets you swiftly and easily change the mounting insert. This system lets you use the Rapid Box Switch with a variety of light fixtures, provided that you have a mounting insert compatible with the light fixture you want to use.

Collapsible and Portable. Beauty dishes can be fickle products. They can get dented, warped, and damaged. The Rapid Box Switch Beauty Dish combats this with a collapsible umbrella-style design. Setup and teardown are super quick, while the whole setup is compact for easy storage.

Soft, Defined Light. With a beauty dish, you get far more defined shadows than you’d see with a softbox. However, at the same time it produces a wide, uniform, soft light. While softboxes are definitely more commonly used when people desire soft light, the beauty dish is perfect for a more defined, three-dimensional soft light. The Rapid Box Switch maintains the look of a traditional beauty dish with its circular design featuring sixteen all-metal ribs.

Center Deflector. This center-mounted disc blocks direct light and redirects it to the large 24-inch reflector, providing a gradual light fall-off. This is what enables the increased shadow definition. This also produces the specular highlights (circular highlights that look like donuts) at close distances that are highly desired in beauty and fashion photography.

Silver Interior. This is the silver interior version of the Beauty Dish that maximizes output without contaminating color.

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